What’s Next?

We are committed to helping you Hear Again and will work with you to achieve this goal.


You will be warmly welcomed at reception by our head receptionist, Heather who will welcome you with a relaxing cup of coffee. Heather will explain what you can expect from your hearing assessment.

Whilst you enjoy your coffee, you may like to take notice of the informative videos showing various levels of new technology and how they are helping people all over the world to hear, together with testimonials from the likes of former UK Junior Health Minister and novelist Edwina Currie among others.

At reception you can also book appointments, buy batteries, wax filters, domes and other accessories.

Hearing Consultation

During the consultation, Robin will discuss with you how your hearing is impacting on your everyday life. He will conduct a physical examination of your ears and thoroughly assess how well you can hear in a number of situations using a variety of traditional and scientific tests.

Whilst in the soundproof sound booth, you will hear various sounds and when you hear them you press the button on the device in your hand.

You will then go through the results together and, if appropriate look at some hearing solutions that may assist you. You may even be able to try some hearing devices for yourself. Together, you can then decide the best option to suit your lifestyle and your budget.


We are often asked “which is the right hearing aid for me” and the answer is simple – the right hearing aid for you is the one that is appropriate for your hearing loss and that you are happy to use. At the fitting stage, Robin will ensure that this is the case.

All our hearing devices are made specifically to fit your ears anatomy and at the fitting appointment we take time to make sure that they also fit your hearing ability.

Before you leave our clinic, you will be comfortable with your new devices and confident that you can use them in your everyday life.

You will see below that we offer complimentary aftercare.

After Care

Whether you are a new user or have been wearing hearing aids for many years, you may need help and support to get used to hearing certain sounds again, or advice on looking after them and we will service your new hearing devices when needed. 

At Hear Again we are passionate about our patients and your hearing, you will therefore receive as much free help and support as you require. Please click on the button below and fill in the form provided and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Whenever you need help with your hearing aids, please contact us for your complimentary aftercare servicing and adjustments to your hearing aids.
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